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Last updated: January 17th, 2021

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Advertisements posted on this site

当サイトでは、第三者配信の広告サービス(Googleアドセンス、Amazonアソシエイト)を利用しています。このような広告配信事業者は、ユーザーの興味に応じた商品やサービスの広告を表示するため、当サイトや他サイトへのアクセスに関する情報 『Cookie』(氏名、住所、メール アドレス、電話番号は含まれません) を使用することがあります。またGoogleアドセンスに関して、このプロセスの詳細やこのような情報が広告配信事業者に使用されないようにする方法については、こちらをご覧ください。

This site uses third-party advertising services (Google Adsense, Amazon Associate). Some of these advertisers may use “Cookie” (does not include name, address, email address, and telephone number) when they advertise products and services on our site. Regarding Google Adsense, please see here for details on this process and how to prevent such information from being used by ad publishers. 

The access analysis tool used by this site


This site uses the access analysis tool “Google Analytics”. This Google Analytics uses Cookie to collect traffic data. This data collection is anonymous and not personally identifiable. You can refuse this collection by disabling Cookie of your browser. Please see here for details on this term.

Comments on this site


This site records the IP address used when commenting to cope with spam and vandalism. This is a standard feature of blogs, and we will not use this IP address for anything other purpose. The input of e-mail address and URL is optional. Please note that all comments will be posted after we confirms and approves the contents in advance. In addition, we may delete comments that are contrary to public order and morals may be deleted at the discretion without the approval.